Gold Coast Cadillac - Gold coast cadilliac hummer of oakhurst

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I had a radiator replacement done at gold coast cadilliac and the mechanic failed to put the oil lines back in place, so as a result i had a major oil leak all over the driveway.when i called them the next day they said it was not there fault, i took it to a mechanic locally,said the oil lines had not been put back in place.

you pay extra to have the dealer work on your car the least they can do is fix it correctly.They wanted me to toe it at my own expense one hour away to inspect it,and then it will be determined if it was there fault.

Review about: Dealership.



Sounds awful.Typical human behavior to deny fault.

I will think twice before doing business with this company.Thanks for posting.


I have bought at least 10 baterries from walmart in the last 5 years and never had any last three years.They average about 1-2 years from my experience.

However I have never had a problem exchanging them for new. 8 of those batteries where replaced with little or no problem so even though their batteries suck when you get 2 for the price of on it seems to work out no?

Also a hint , I always bring my batteries without an auto center, usually they don't test them and if they do, test them at the sports counter and they don't charge them first.I dont see how Walamrt makse any money selling batteries!

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